We are delighted to tell you “About Us”

sing-niagara-aboutWhen you “searched” sing in Niagara, up popped Sing Niagara women’s a cappella chorus! We connected! When the women’s chorus formed in 1965, there was no Google, no internet, and no cell phones. Imagine landlines, snail mail, and photocopies! A lot has changed since then, but not our dedication to a cappella harmony in Niagara. In our early years you would hear us singing the pop song Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, or show tunes such as a Seventy Six Trombones from The Music Man. Today, we rock the stage with Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass, while still entertaining our audiences with timeless favourites like John Lennon’s Imagine or Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. There is no doubt that if you are considering joining a progressive, a cappella choral group, we fit the bill. Whatever the song, the era, or the genre, you can be sure we sing every song with the same passion. It is true that “ordinary woman can and do make extraordinary music.”

We are “open all year.” With the exception of the good old summertime, anytime is “joining time.” It is easy to join us. More good news for you “about us”: prior music training is not a requirement. This is a key difference between us and many other choral groups in Niagara.

More than singers, we are a family and a community. “Outstretched hands to every race and creed” is part of our Harmony creed. Ask any Barbershopper why they joined and stayed, and the inevitable answer is “I came for the music but I stayed because of the friendships.” Strong lifelong friendships flourish in the chorus and internationally as well. Belonging to Harmony Inc., an international association of singers opens up doors for travel and education. Travelling together to conventions and contests is exciting. Even so, nothing compares to our love of being together and performing for the audience right here in our Niagara home.

We believe our audiences deserve a first-class performance, and we are dedicated to ensuring we are the best we can be at every show. The weekly rehearsals focus on building excellent skills in vocal production and presentation. Our fun loving personality shines through in our colourful costumes. No penguin outfits and t-shirts here! We agree with Cyndi Lauper  that “girls just wanna have fun.” Sequins, satin gloves, Santa hats, red feather boas: we play with our musical characters. Whether it is on the street at a community festival, at a seniors’ residence, our annual spring event, or the contest stage at a Harmony convention, we are dedicated to giving the audience an exciting experience with every performance.

As you can imagine after 50+ years of history, there is a lot more to tell you about us. Listen to the music, look at the photos, and take in what our members have to say.

We invite you to be our guest. Contact Us. Come to a rehearsal and make Monday the best day of your week. You will find that “singing in our chorus is a positive life changing experience.”

You can make extraordinary music too. 🎶