The Social Benefit

join-3In an increasingly hectic and eclectic society, we tend to lose our connection with people. Families may live far apart from one another. Many women work from their home and have very little connection to the workplace. Social media connects, us but it is not enough to satisfy our need for human contact and interaction. After a busy day, being with friends with a common goal that brings us joy is not only calming and fun but fills a social need too.

Health Benefit: Singnastics, or “Gymnasium for singers”

join-4Sing yourself happy and fit! – The health benefits of singing are far reaching
If you have ever wondered why choral singers look to be on a high, here are some of the reasons. Singing is very healthy for your entire body. We say “singing keeps us young” and it does! Mind, body & spirit – everything is better when you sing.
Many scientific studies have proven that participating in active group singing is an economical and powerful path to enhanced physiological and psychological well-being.

Singing releases endorphins into your system and makes you feel energized and uplifted, improving your mood and reducing pain. It releases the same feel-good brain chemicals as chocolate, taking your mind off the stresses of the day! Your posture improves, as does your mental alertness, your lung capacity increases, your sinuses and respiratory tubes clear and you tone your facial and stomach muscles as well.
Goodbye pills, creams and lotions and ……hello singing!

Travel Benefit: Convention & Competitions

join-5Traveling together! Area and International competition is about competing for the judge’s score to find out how well your singing skills are evolving as an ensemble.

join-6More significantly, it is about doing your best and being proud of your accomplishments. However, the unsurpassed part of the experience is the lifelong memories you’ make with your chapter and Harmony sisters.

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