Weekly Rehearsals 

andreamaryEvery rehearsal focuses on teaching vocal skills, such as consistent vowel formation, and breathing techniques .The Sing Niagara music team has experienced singers as the leaders of each voice part.


Under the guidance of the section leaders, the four voice sections often practice by themselves to work on unit sound and difficult parts of the song. We provide recorded vocal learning tracks and written music to our members, to assist them in learning the basics of the song, but it is at rehearsal where it all comes together.


In addition, to weekly rehearsals, we regularly schedule in-house training from top-notch music, vocal, and performance coaches of international acclaim.

Education Classes

Area and International conventions offer members instructional classes in vocal production, choreography, stage direction, costuming, stage makeup, chorus management, personal growth, and leadership

music-3music-4Our members often enjoy the chance to get away for a chorus retreat, have fun with each other and expand their knowledge. They can also participate in all  aspects of performance, and event productions. Our busy chorus calendar provides our members with abundant opportunities to explore their additional and often undiscovered talents.