Musical Direction. The role of the music director is complex. It is more than “keeping time.” Choosing appropriate music, teaching vocal skills, nurturing assistant directors, developing, and leading an accomplished music team are integral to the ongoing improvement of the chorus and represent only a small portion of the director’s role.

Derek Stevens has been involved with music most of his life. Born into a musical family, Derek learned to sing and play the piano as well as brass instruments at an early age. Derek joined the Barbershop Harmony Society in 1988 with the St. Catharines chapter, serving terms as Chapter Secretary and Music Vice President. Derek was one of the driving forces in the formation of the Niagara Falls chapter, and was appointed as their Musical Director in 2000, a position he held until 2015. Derek is currently the Musical Director for the Simcoe Chapter Gentlemen of Harmony (BHS), having been appointed to that position in 2016, the Musical Director of Baldwin Blend (MBHA), 2018 World Mixed Chorus 4th place finalists, and the Musical Director of Sing Niagara (Harmony Inc.) since August 2023. Derek is also a past member of the Toronto Northern Lights, 2013 International Chorus Champions, and currently serves as a baritone section leader with the Hamilton Harbourtown Sound (BHS). Derek has sung in several quartets over the years. Outside of the barbershop world, Derek is a past director of the St. Catharines Salvation Army Corps Band, as well as a past director of his church choir. When Derek is not doing something musically, he is employed as an accounting and human resources manager, and owns two income tax preparation franchises.

In addition to our Music Director, Sing Niagara’s music team has section leaders, and a stage performance team, all working together to develop the musical and performance skills of the chorus.

With the ongoing dedication and musical direction of the Sing Niagara team, we continue to hone our skills and grow as an accomplished ensemble, adding to the cultural landscape of groups involved in nurturing the Arts scene in Niagara. 🎶

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