Sing Niagara does not use the ‘traditional” audition as a condition for joining our chorus. Yes, you do need to sing in tune. However, our major focus is finding singers who are willing to commit the time necessary to improve their skills. This commitment from each member contributes to fulfilling the chorus objective of achieving musical excellence as an ensemble. Every voice is important.

We have a six-week process. Listen, Learn, Sing

join-1You will learn a song using the same 6-week method that every member uses. From your first visit, in week one, to your sixth week, to the moment when you receive your Harmony Pin, we are with you every step of the way. We support your success!

Together, rehearsing in our energy -filled and fun environment, this six-week process gives you a good understanding of our working process.

Your commitment to your personal growth, and that of the chorus, is an amazing and gratifying pursuit. You will grow in confidence as you see yourself part of a group that is dedicated to excellence and passionate about what they do.

join-2Belonging to a Barbershop chorus is a life-c hanging experience. Camaraderie, sisterhood, and personal growth combine to produce “Ordinary women making extraordinary music” Ask a Barber shopper about how she feels about this hobby, and the consistent response is: “I joined because I love to sing, but it is so much more than the music.”

It is a thrill to hear the sound of a ‘ringing chord’, but the fellowship, the enduring friendships, the fun, and the support are the barbershop “family” superglue.

Listen to one of our testimonials below: